Franklin Method – Move with Imagery for a flexible Spine

September 23 2017, 9.30 – 12.30
in Zagreb, Račićeva 5, Center Snaga Namjere
Instructor: Brigitte Ferchichi



The Franklin method teaches alignment through movement, functional anatomy and mind-body connection through imagery. Improve how you move in any activity; yoga, pilates, triathlete training, meditation, walking, running, performing, dance etc. to support longevity, ease and strength in the body.

The spine is a masterpiece of designe containing over hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. How then, is it possible that so many people in the modern world suffer from back pain and it’s associated conditions? In this workshop we will look at the many factors that influence spine health and our ability to move with ease and comfort in any level of activity by understanding the structure and form. 

We will use imagery, Franklin balls and Franklin-bands to increase confidence, strength, agility and coordination in spinal and whole bodymovements.

Information: Zvonka Tomasović Hrkovac, D.O.
M: 00385 95 9020 948