Franklin method – Move your body well – Franklin method®


March 17 2018, 2.00pm – 5.00pm in Zagreb
in Zagreb, Račićeva 5, Center Snaga Namjere
Instructor: Brigitte Ferchichi


The Franklin method teaches alignment through movement, functional anatomy and mind-body connection through imagery. Improve how you move in any activity; yoga, pilates, triathlete training, meditation, walking, running, performing, dance etc. to support longevity, ease and strength in the body.

In this class, we will learn the unique Franklin-Method approach to conditioning with imagery, balls and bands and learn exercises that will create an immediate sense of strength and flexibility. 

With the help of balls, we will improve our balance, alignment and coordination and increase the flexibility of the shoulder, back and hip joint. 
The band exercises presented in this class will improve dynamic and static strength, trunk strength, extent flexibility, dynamic flexibility as well as motor and perceptual timing. Imagery is used with every exercise to increase the efficiency by which the nervous system directs the movement helping to achieve maximum strength and flexibility gains during the conditioning routines. Information: Zvonka Tomasović Hrkovac, D.O. • 00385 95 9020 948