Lecture and workshop at the Faculty of Kinesiology, on June 3 rd and 10 th , 2016 – Lecturer: Zvonka Tomasović, DO.

At the invitation of the Association of Kinesiologists of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County, on Friday, June 3 rd , 2016, at the Faculty of Kinesiology of University of Zagreb, Zvonka Tomasović gave a lecture entitled “Osteopathy – Scientific Discipline and the Contemporary Fastest Growing Manual Concept”.

The lecture attracted much interest so another lecture entitled “Osteopathy – An Overview of Osteopathic Techniques and Introduction to Osteopathic Palpation” was held in the same premises, on June 10 th , 2016. Lecturer and workshop leader: Zvonka Tomasović DO, assistants: Jelena Špionjak DO, Slavica Ravnjak, Damir Suman, Jurica Rašić, Gordan Jambrek.
The lecture and workshops have proven significant interest of the members of this osteopathic association, and they are certainly an incentive for further cooperation and integration of these two professions.