Franklin method – The Pelvic Power: A Dynamic Approach


June 9 2018, 9.30 -12.30 pm  in Zagreb
in Zagreb, Račićeva 5, Center Snaga Namjere
Instructor: Brigitte Ferchichi


The Franklin method teaches alignment through movement, functional anatomy and mind-body connection through imagery. Improve how you move in any activity; yoga, pilates, triathlete training, meditation, walking, running, performing, dance etc. to support longevity, ease and strength in the body.

The muscles of the pelvic floor play a key role in coordinating almost all our movement, and are also important for balance and posture. You can increase the training potential of these muscles by becoming aware of the movement of the pelvic bones, and the potential for elasticity and flexibility in this crucial area. This workshop is for both men and women – we all have a pelvic floor!

Experience the Franklin Method! 

  • Learn how to work dynamically with the pelvic floor
  • Discover how to work with bones, muscles and organs in this area
  • Improve pelvic alignment, and create ease in the low back and hips
  • Learn healthy, effective exercises to wake up, lengthen and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Information: Zvonka Tomasović Hrkovac, D.O. • 00385 95 9020 948