"I went to see Zvonka to treat painful periods. Till then, every time I got my period, I had to take painkillers. I still can’t’ believe I don’t have to use them anymore. Over several months, we had a few sessions during which Zvonka gave me some really excellent health tips. It’s been almost a year now that my problem is gone. In fact, I went to see her for painful periods at first, but then I also discovered many things about myself I didn’t know before, for example, that my left hip is higher than the right one and that was the precise cause of the stiffness of my left body side, especially of the neck. Since then, I’ve been doing more asymmetrical exercises trying to maintain the balance between my body sides, so now I have fewer problems with that. I’m glad and feel grateful that I met Zvonka because now I know whom I can turn to in case of any other mind and/or body related problem, and I’m also sure that Zvonka will selflessly share her rich knowledge and experience with everyone."

Kristina Music, Zagreb

"Over the course of years, osteopathic treatments helped me on several levels, but it’s always the basic one: general better feeling after the sessions, relaxation and the sense of the body integrity. And then, there is my permanent problem – scoliosis. Here the treatments help to relax the spasms that won’t give my back peace. Particularly valuable were “the urgent interventions” with shoulder muscles inflammation. First, treatments helped me to prevent panic (thanks to Zvonka’s great diagnostic ability), but I also managed to avoid my GP’s referrals, queues and of course, drugs. At the same time, I worked out a lot, doing exercises Zvonka showed me how to do. Naturally, the treatments are more or less painful, but this is not the practitioner’s fault, but the bad condition of me, e.g. patient’s. I never finished the session without feeling released from pain."

Nada Bezic, Zagreb

"Zvonka’s treatments have brought me peace, lightness, the sense of fluttering and lots of good, profound sleep."

Lidija Jerkovic, Zagreb

"Being a middle-aged woman, my hormones are not in harmony as they once were and so called climacteric issues started to disturb my everyday life so I used to feel enormously exhausted. I met Zvonka long before I came to her for my first osteopathic treatment and I was sorry for having waited for so long. Soon after the first treatment I knew that I did the right thing coming to see her and after a few treatments, the intensity and quantity of my disorders clearly began to decrease, so the vitality increased respectively. Zvonka’s commitment and her focus on the health and well being of her patients, and at the same time wanting nothing in return, can be felt in her every touch. Zvonka’s work is her life, and meeting such a therapist is not a common event, but once in a lifetime luck."

D.Sc Branka Devcic

"I went to Zvonka to be treated for dysmenorrhea, but her approach opened a whole different way to see myself, the world around me, diseases and healing… Thanks to very pleasant and relaxing treatments, and some tips that I managed to apply in my everyday life, I finally succeeded in getting rid of painful periods. Now, with a big smile on my face, I remember those days when only a huge painkiller or a day spent in bed curled up in the fetal position could help. Zvonka, thank you so much for knowing how to listen and for sharing your knowledge with us laypersons. And all your small advice, not strictly related to my issues, meant a lot more to me and helped a great deal. Thank you!"

Lukrecija Senekovic