Zvonka Tomasović Hrkovac, D.O.

I was born in Split (1972), where I also completed my medical secondary education. Until I was 18, I lived in Omiš, a beautiful city situated at the mouth of the Cetina River. I have always wanted to understand how the human body functions and how it responds to our thoughts and emotions. Long walks in the countryside, the study of herbs, sports and books had shaped my way of thinking which definitely influenced every later choice in my life.

Since 1991, I have been living in Zagreb where I graduated from the Graphic Design University. After that, while working, I continued my education, choosing to do what I always loved most – working with the human body. My own experiences motivated me to further my research.

Since 2005, I have been successfully applying an osteopathic approach through treatment sessions, lectures, research and presentations of osteopathy, first at the Indigo Association and now at the Still Point company which I founded for this particular purpose.

I have graduated from The Academy of Osteopathy (today's Croatian Academy of Osteopathy), working and studying with my mentor Velda Lulić DO, where I also earned the title of Osteopath (DO). I have been especially interested in women's health preservation, so this was the topic of my numerous lectures as well as research works. I studied visceral osteopathy of urogenital system under Diane Laflamme, DO, who inspired me to choose my research work on the topic of primary dysmenorrhea that I presented in Zagreb, at the Academy of Osteopathy, and in Pescara, at the conference on Neurological Aspects of Osteopathic Medicine. I am also deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to study with Paolo Tozzi (MSc Ost, BSc Ost – Hons, DO, PT) – one of the leading osteopaths in the fascia field and, inspired by the work of Jean Pierre Barral, DO, I have continued my education at the Barral Institute and Barral Osteopathic Teaching Organisation (BOTO). I also worked as both an assistant and lecturer at the Croatian Academy of Osteopathy (HAO) and have been currently participating as a guest lecturer in various conferences giving presentations with the aim of promoting osteopathy in Croatia and Europe.

For my professional development I have to thank to the team and lecturers of the Münich Group (für interdisziplinäre manuelle Behandlungsformen GbR) for their professionalism, innovation and ethics, in particular to Dr. Phil. HP Peter Schwind and HP Christoph Sommer. Both the Münich Group and J. P. Barral were and still are a great inspiration and incentive to me to continue and follow their work with great enthusiasm, for example by participating in various lectures and conferences such as: Neural Manipulation, Visceral Manipulation, Manual Thermal diagnostics according to Barral, Advanced thorax, abdomen, diaphragm and disc, Key Structures of Fascia and Membranes, Joint Manipulation:  New Techniques and synthesis with Visceral and Neurovascular Manipulation.

Of particular significance to my work were also the lectures of Marie Laure Gentilini (DO) who specialises in osteopathic approach to urogenital system. A special revelation was a Dutch osteopath René Zweedijk (DO), a founder of the agency Panta Rhei that deals with the organization of postgraduate courses for osteopathy – with him I studied Fluids and Osteopathy, Essential of cranial work and The Endocrine System and Osteopathy.

Since 2013 I have been working as a member of an expert team on a project „I am much more than my trauma“ to help women victims of war traumas and I allow myself to think that I have contributed a great deal to the improvement of life of this needy part of the population. In order to help more, I searched for the most appropriate method for person's survivors of multiple traumas, so my professional interest and research went towards physically oriented psychotherapy and I decided to continue my education at Somatic Experiencing®, founded by Peter A. Levin.

Osteopathy is to me the most beautiful complementary health care discipline. It is a whole life study and a way of life.

It is a medicine practiced from the instinct. Instinct, which is millions and millions of years old:
very, very old wisdom, which is inside of us and that instinct knows its origin and lives in a different time.
James Jealous DO



Dubravko Hrkovac 

I was born in 1964 in Zagreb where I also completed my primary and secondary education. Since 1990 I have been providing energy healing treatments and during my 27-year-long professional career, I have performed over 25 thousand of them both in Croatia and abroad. As most of my clients were bedridden or had difficulties moving about, for twenty years I used to practice treatments in my patients' own homes.

For seven years I worked as a chief editor of The Alter magazine, covering alternative, complementary and folk health care topics. From 2007 to 2013 I was an editor and presenter of the TV programme  The Alter, broadcast on the Jabuka TV and Z1TV  local TV stations. Currently, I am performing the duty of the vice president of the jury panel of the Croatian bowling section and am also professionally active in the BK Nomad. In my opinion, bowling is the kind of sport suitable for all ages. For two consecutive years I was the winner of the Croatian bowling league and the winner of the team cup.

Throughout the last ten years, I have held many lectures on Bioenergy healing which resulted in more than sixty attendants being completely informed about the ways of helping ill people without jeopardising their own health. Apart from this, I also was a member of an interdisciplinary therapeutic team of the Surya centre which hosted a versatile international team with huge practical experience in applying structural complementary and alternative healing methods, development and consciousness-raising.

As a professional development and status regulation, I have completed further education at the Artis Animi educational facility. Looking for ever more effective healing methods, my interest went towards biodynamics and osteopathy so I began my studies at the Croatian Academy of Osteopathy. I have also been professionally active in the Still Point company where I have the opportunity to integrate successfully an osteopathic approach with bioenergy treatments. By using an integrative approach I do not treat an illness, but the whole person, taking into consideration the uniqueness of every individual. The satisfaction of my clients is the best motivation for my further professional development and research in the field of integrative healing methods.